Northumberland diver finds seal with ring stuck round neck

A seal with a rubber ring around its neck has been found off the Farne Islands in Northumberland. Dr Ben Burville was diving in the area when he spotted the grey seal with a tyre or ring stuck around its neck. He went back the next day to build up trust with the animal and […]

Petrol: No shortage despite queues, say retailers

Steve Coombe, of the Petrol Retailers Association, said: “There were no supply outages last week but there are some sites that are confirming delay in deliveries… they appear confined to London and the south-east [of England] and one or two in the Midlands, but they appear to be temporary in nature.” Source link BBC NEWS […]

Covid-19: Lorry driver shortage and cancer backlog warning

The cancer treatment backlog in England caused by the pandemic could take more than a decade to clear, with 19,500 people having gone undiagnosed because of missed referrals, estimates the Institute for Public Policy Research. The think tank says if hospitals could complete 15% more treatments over pre-pandemic levels, backlogs could be cleared by next […]