The devastating impact of dementia on the family and the love of challenge has inspired a 27-year-old from Norfolk to attempt to fly the length of the UK on a paramotor.

Daniel Jones, from Norwich, is flying from John O’Groats to Land’s End in tribute to his grandparents who died with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. They passed away within two weeks of each other.

“I wanted to do something in their name, to get younger people talking about dementia and to help fight a disease that shouldn’t happen to any one. It’s not a part of getting old – it just takes over,” said Mr Jones.

The “high endurance” challenge of about 800 miles (1,287km) will take about 27 hours of flying.

“Many people believe that dementia is just an inevitable part of getting older… we’re challenging this misconception and believe in the power of research to create a world free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of it,” said Lucy Haines at Alzheimer’s Research UK.

“We’re so incredibly grateful to Dan for supporting us with his Flight Against Alzheimer’s challenge.”

The flight is planned to commence on 16 August.

Source link BBC NEWS UK

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