Nadiya Hussain appears in a new BBC Three documentary, Being British Bangladeshi, in which she speaks candidly about the challenges she has faced.

The former Great British Bake Off winner is one of the UK’s best known British Bangladeshis. Despite her success, she says: “There are times when I’ve wanted to bleach the brown out of me – because life would have been so much easier if I wasn’t brown, if I wasn’t Bangladeshi, if I could just be like everybody else.”

The documentary is fronted by British-Bangladeshi comedian Ali Shahalom, also known as Ali Official. Hussain tells him: “But I come with all those layers that I do represent and I understand the importance of that now”.

In the year that Bangladesh celebrates 50 years of independence, Ali Shahalom meets Nadiya Hussain, musician Mumzy Stranger, MP Rushanara Ali and fellow comedians Smash Bengali, Iksy and Mistah Islah to hear about their successes, failures and the obstacles they have overcome.

Some of their conversations are hilarious, some are difficult, all are insightful.

You can watch the full documentary on BBC iPlayer.

Produced and Directed by: Rob Brown

Filmed and Edited by: Rob Brown, Tom Beal and James Stewart

Executive Producer: Nisha Lilia Diu

Source link BBC NEWS UK

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