Mission Statement
To establish and operate, radio and production studios for the presentation of material of a
Christian nature for the furtherance of Christian knowledge, understanding, and entertainment
as the management committee sees fit, and for the promotion of wellbeing amongst the
people of United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Also presenting material of a general
nature so long as it is presented within a Christian context and in association with the
dominant purpose of presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
Communicating Christian values to every home in our community to display and guide
people closer to Jesus.

Our Values
Integrity: We do what we say we will.
Faithfulness: Trusting God in all our activity and endeavours.
Prayer: Prayer will encompass all that we are and do.
Relationships: We value relationships with Jesus and people in our community.
Unity: We work cohesively with all our stakeholders to achieve our vision and mission.
Leadership: We value servant hearted leadership.
Excellence: To be the best, give our best and do our best.