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image captionThe Scotsman features a striking close-up of Alex Salmond’s eyes as it previews a “day of reckoning” at Holyrood. The paper says: “Today, for the first time, the former First Minister’s allegations will be properly examined and tested as he faces up to four hours of questioning by MSPs.”
image copyrightThe Herald
image caption“Parliament at war” is the headline in The Herald which focuses on the angry scenes during First Minister’s Questions on Thursday. The paper says the Scottish Parliament “witnessed the most vitriolic scenes in years” as Nicola Sturgeon came under fire from interim Scottish Labour leader Jackie Baillie and the Scottish Conservative’s Holyrood leader Ruth Davidson.
image copyrightDaily Record
image captionThe Daily Record leads with Nicola Sturgeon’s description of her predecessor Alex Salmond’s allegations as “dangerous and deluded”. The first minister has called on Mr Salmond to provide evidence for his claims that there was a conspiracy against him.
image copyrightScottish Sun
image caption“One’s had one’s jab and one’s… right as reign” is the headline in the Scottish Sun, which reports that the Queen said her jab seven weeks ago “didn’t hurt at all” during a video call.
image copyrightScottish Daily Mail
image captionThe Scottish Daily Mail leads on a similar theme, saying the Queen made a “historic intervention” in the coronavirus vaccination drive by suggesting “it is selfish not to have the jab”. The paper says it is “highly unusual” for the monarch “to take such a firm public stand on contentious issues and her remarks will be seen as a victory for efforts to increase take-up”.
image copyrightScottish Daily Express
image captionThe Queen has urged everyone to follow her lead and have a Covid jab, according to the Scottish Daily Express. The paper described it as a “heartfelt plea” which evoked a wartime spirit.
image copyrightMetro
image captionThe Metro features pictures from the Queen’s video chat with leaders of the NHS vaccine rollout, during which she made the comments about vaccination. The paper says she told them: “Once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected which is, I think, very important.”
image copyrightThe Times
image captionThe Queen’s image is also splashed across the front of The Times, but the paper leads on the chancellor’s plans for a new “stealth tax” on wealthy pensioners. It claims Rishi Sunak will announce in his Budget next week a freeze on the lifetime allowance – the amount people can build up in their pension pot before incurring tax charges.
image copyrightPress & Journal
image captionThe Queen also features on the front page of the Press and Journal, which also showcases “pictorial lockdown tributes” submitted by young readers.
image copyrightDaily Telegraph
image captionThe Daily Telegraph says the monarch made her first comments on the subject by saying that those who refuse the vaccine “ought to think about other people rather than themselves”.
image copyrightThe National
image caption“How much cash did you waste on Union unit shambles?” is the headline in The National. It refers to the government’s new cabinet committee which will focus on the Union, with the current Union unit understood to be no longer playing a key role.
image copyrightThe Courier
image captionThe Courier leads with the jailing of a man for six months for tweeting the names of women who gave evidence against former first minister Alex Salmond at his trial. Clive Thomson, 52, admitted breaching a contempt of court order when he named the women on Twitter on two occasions in August last year.
image copyrightEvening Express
image captionThe Evening Express front page highlights the discovery of firearms at a harbour after a man was shot.
image copyrightEvening Telegraph
image captionThe Evening Telegraph leads with the death of a school bus driver after his vehicle was involved in an accident in wintry conditions.
image copyrightGlasgow Times
image captionThe conviction of a man for a break-in and the “final round of applause” for legendary Scots entertainer Sydney Devine feature on the front page of the Glasgow Times.
image copyrightEdinburgh Evening News
image captionAnd “Prison Break” is the headline in the Edinburgh Evening News. The paper reports that bosses have deployed a special team to privately-run Addiewell Prison amid staff claims that “bullying and mismanagement” is putting their lives at risk.

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